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AUGUST 12 - ATL PRIVATE POLE CLASS *read description

AUGUST 12 - ATL PRIVATE POLE CLASS *read description

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One on one pole session with Maria Jade. No matter what level you are on, Maria will spend 1 full hour, giving you all of her attention and guiding you through whatever you may need help with. If you are a beginner and unsure of what you need help with, Maria will walk you through where she feels you need to start from. 

King Of Diamonds Atlanta 

4730 Frontage Rd
Forest Park, GA 30297
United States

Date: Monday August 12th

Time: 3:00pm - 4:00pm 


 1. DO NOT wear any lotion or body oil. You will not be able to participate if you are oily. It is a hazard. If your skin is too dry to pole dance, Maria will have oil-less lotion available for purchase. 

2. Please wear shorts. NO BIKER SHORTS. Bikini bottoms are absolutely fine.

3. Be sure to wear a top that is form fitting and sleeveless. A sports bra is perfect! 

4. Heels are optional. If you do decide to bring heels, please be sure that they are made for pole dancing. No regular everyday heels.

5. Don’t forget to bring your pole grip. If you do not have pole grip, Maria will have some available for purchase. You can find pole grip on Amazon.

6. Please DO NOT come intoxicated. It is a risk and Maria will not teach you that way. If you are nervous, we assure you that Maria is friendly and will make you feel comfortable. Please do not feel intimated. 

*Optional: Bring a yoga mat for stretching if you feel it is necessary and more comfortable for you 

NO REFUNDS: Due to a limited amount of slots being available, we will not reimburse any no-shows or cancellations. It is unfair to students who had hopes of showing up and booking this slot but couldn’t, due to it being filled already.

Maria is excited to teach you and can’t wait to see you in class!

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